Pearl PFA-206S alt flauta

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The Pearl PFA 206S Alto Flute is a stunning Pearl achievement! Upon playing this Alto Flute, you will realize the advantage of playing the only Alto Flute to have the world renowned Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core-Bar Construction. In addition, the hand position is extremely comfortable, and give the flutist a complete feeling of relaxation. This nimble mechanism package is made even more remarkable with Pearl?s steadfast devotion to exact intonation and a gorgeous full tone color.

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Headjoint: Solid Silver Hand-Cut Headjoint, Available in either Curved, Straight or Both
Body: Silver Plated Nickel-Silver
Key Mechanism -Silver Plated Nickel-Silver
Key Arms -French Style Pointed Arm
Case -French Style Case with Case Cover
Setup -Professional level setup performed by Chuck Kessler prior to shipping.

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