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Pearl Quantz PF500 flauta sa zatvorenim klapnama

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Standardna cena: 59.999,00 din.

Special Price 49.999,00 din.

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Model namenjen pošetnicima, preporučuje se za uzrast osnovne muzičke škole. Flauta poseduje Offset G, E mehanizam i ima zatvorene klapne. Pearl je dizajnirao novi model student flaute PF500 odličnih performansi, visoki kvalitet izrade, tona i ujedno prihvatljive cene na danasnjem trzistu. Nesto novo, kvalitetno i prihvatljivo po ceni od proverenog proizvodjaca .


Flute teachers want a quality flute that is affordable for students. It needs to be reliable and offer great performance so that every new flute student can devlop a great sound and excellent technique. With this in mind, Pearl has introduced the new PF500 series to meet this need.

The PF500 starts with our standard 505 model and offers it in one style. It is all silver plated, with offset G (no split E), C foot joint, and our standard quantz headjoint cut. Like all Pearl flutes, our exclusive pinless mechanism is at the heart of the mechanics. To save on cost for students, the standard accessories have been changed. The PF500 comes with just the basics: a plastic hardshell case and a wood cleaning rod.

At last an affordable AND high quality flute is available for new flute students.

Call or visit your favorite Pearl dealer and tell them you want a PF500 today!