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Pearl Quantz PF505EU flauta sa zakrivljenom glavom

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Pearl PF505EU savrsena flauta za male svirače sa zakrljivljenom glavom koja omogucava lakoću sviranja. Posreberena glava, trup, noga i mehanizam, zatvorene klapne, offset, split E mehanizam. Isporučuje se u drvenom koferu sa futrolom, drvenim štapom za čišćenje, gazom i krpom za srebro.


Pearl flaute su pouzdani instrumenti koji pruzaju djacima , studentima i profesionalcima velike izvodjačke mogućnosti i zadovoljstvo sviranja. Zahvaljujuću izuzetno pouzdanoj i jedinstvenoj mehanici dobija se lakoća i brzina sviranja. Odlično i precizno uradjene glave flaute odlikuju se brzim odgovorom i imaju odličnu projekciju zvuka i intonaciju. Vladislav Stajević, profesor flaute.

The PREFERRED Series of Flutes may be Pearl´s most rewarding achievement. The Series is designed for the flute mass market, which could include first time flutists, an interested amateur, or even a doubler who plays many instruments. This very important community must not be compromised by a substandard product. Pearl has elected to make the Preferred Series worthy of any flutist. Some of the reasons why the Preferred Series is so accomplished:

Sound - A Pearl trademark. Their tradition of creating beauty of sound in their handmade flutes has given them the skill to design this vintage of flutes.
Headjoint option - this allows the flutist to find the exact personality for their situation.
Intonation - from the most projecting of concert sounds to the most delicate subtle nuances - pitch stability is maintained.
Mechanism - Pearl uses a Pinless Mechanism and One-Piece Core Bar construction.
Open Hole option - all of the Open Hole flutes are supplied with plugs in the holes, which can be popped out later to covert to open hole, and vice-versa.
Offset or Inline option - Each hand shape and size is made workable.
Low B Foot option - Anything is now possible with this series. A “gizmo” key is added with the B-foot option as well.
Split-E option - for the “perfect” high-E!
French Style Case - for the ideal fit of the flute, and the look of elegance.
Case Cover - not just cloth, but fleece lined and with zippered pouch.

The Preferred Model 501 is constructed completely of Nickel Silver and a long-lasting Silver coating is applied for protection. There are many models available and options include a curved headjoint.

French style cases included with every Preferred Series flute.

Pearl Flutes
Pearl Flutes has been an innovator in instrument making for more than 50 years. The Pearl Preferred Flutes line remains the only opportunity for the aspiring flutist to enjoy benefits of pinless construction, one-piece core-bar and the option of a split E key on all models. The Pearl Professional Flutes line combine the finest available raw material into flutes that are both beautiful and functional. The longevity and stability of the Pearl mechanism are legend. The headjoint, material and mechanism options offered will satisfy every flutist.