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Nuvo Instrumental jFlute flauta N200JFBK

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The Nuvo jFlute Kit includes; padded case with carry strap, jFlute in white with stainless steel collars and silver key caps, fully adjustable curved head joint, D foot extension, pull-through cleaning cloth with cleaning/setting stick, left hand key extensions, detachable Firstnote lip plate and standard lip plate, key tool and adjusting screwdriver.


* Fully adjustable curved head joint
* Offset G
* Weight 235g
* Left index finger and right thumb comfort pads
* Plays down to D Upgrade option
* Add straight head and foot joint
* Detachable left hand key extensions
* Standard easy blow lip plate
* Removable lip plate system
* Firstnote lip plate
* Locked but adjustable plug and crown
* 100% waterproof
* O-ring seal on head joint tenon
* Bayonet fit body extension
* Removable silver coloured key caps
* Silicone rubber self-sealing pads
* Stainless steel rods
* Stainless steel hex head adjusting screws
* Cleaning stick and pull through cloth
* O-ring grease and instruction leaflet
* Semi-hard case with carry strap
* Tool kit